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About Company

Sales & Service Corporation is dedicated to provide product and its services in the field of sensors and electro technical components. Over the past 50 years we have been associated with some of the leading names in special purpose switches, sensors, relay and man machine safety products. At present, we work as distributors of 12 companies, some of them on exclusive basis.

We are based in Western Indian state of Gujarat. It is one of the most industrialized and progressive states with outstanding infrastr¬ucture and business friendly government. Gujarat has the longest coastal line in India and was one of the first states to provide 24/7 electricity to all its 10,000 villages. It is known for its entrepreneurial culture & creativity of its people. Gujarat is the major hub for textile, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, chemicals, gems and jewelry, agro products and food processing sectors. It is also emerging as a hub for automobile with plants from Ford, Tata Motors, Honda and Suzuki Motors and Hero Motors Ltd.

Currently we have two offices in Gujarat. One in Ahmedabad — the biggest city in Gujarat and hub for pharmaceutical & textile industries and one in Vadodara — the hub for petrochemicals, engineering and allied industries. Our Ahmedabad office also covers north Gujarat and Saurashtra region while Vadodara office is responsible for south Gujarat and central Gujarat. At present, we have a total staff of 20 people including 9 engineers. We believe that we are one of very few distributors to have a large and technically capable team. We believe that is one of our competitive advantages and we do not believe in just selling products but also providing in solutions.

During the fiscal year ended March 2017 our total sales was INR 170 million (approx. USD 2.61 million) representing year over year growth of 33%. During the current fiscal year we plan to achieve sales of INR 250 million (approx. USD 3.84 million)

Set Up :

We have two offices in State of Gujarat with a team of 20 People.

Ahmedabad office

Office area of @ 600 sqr.ft. Godown area of 1800 sqr.ft.
Marketing team : 5 Engineers
Logistic team : 3 members

Vadodara office

office area of @ 500 sqr.ft. Godown Area of @ 2500 sqr.ft.
Marketing team : 4 Engineers
Logistic team : 3 members

Our Team


Mehul Maniar - Partner

Mehul has over 32 years of experience in marketing of Electro-Mechanical components and sensors for various application.


Mayank Maniar - Partner

Mayank has joined Sales and Service in 1992. Mayank has vast experience in marketing and is also responsible for finance and tax.


Jital Maniar - Partner

Jital joined Sales & Service in 1998 after his graduation. He is marketing various products and is based in Vadodara.


Arun Shukla - Marketing Executive

Arun joined as a Marketing Executive in 2004.


Shailesh Patel - Senior Sales Engineer

Shailesh joined Sales & Service in 2016.


Jaypal Jadeja - Senior Sales Engineer

Jaypal joined Sales & Service in 2012.


Jay Nagewadia - Sales Engineer

Jay joined in 2016 for Sales Support Engineer.


Dinkesh Shah - Sales Engineer

Dinkesh joined Sales & Service in 2019.